Since breathlessness is the symptom that patients identify the most, one might assume that the bad general state is caused by a lack of endurance. Nonetheless not only endurance is important in older age. If you do not have enough strength, the air is no longer the only reason you are unable to manage physical strain. Not only lifting something"or to opening a bottle depends on strength but also normal walking requires minimum of strength. Today we know that COPD patients need much more air than healthy people during strength training and while performing activities of daily living. Nearly the same must be moved as in endurance activities; the body lost its ability to master activities by applying strength (locally; in the strained muscle). Instead, the entire cardiovascular system is used for generating strength. Thus, the strain on the body increases accompanied by an increased energy turnover and extended recovery times.

Strength training with COPD is still underestimated and still rarely applied. No other measure can improve muscle mass and muscle strength as specifically as strength training. The following table demonstrates general effects of strength training.

General effects of strength training
increase of muscle mass: in case of overweight: reducing weight by increasing muscle mass and reducing fat mass. In case of underweight: increasing weight by increasing muscle mass.
increase of muscle mass: i.g. increasing the basic tension [muscle tone] causes a stronger traction on tendons, ligaments and bones: stability and loading capacity of tendons, ligaments and bones is increased. This reduces the wear and tear of the skeletal and locomotor system (bones, joints and muscles). Furthermore, it prevents and improves osteoporosis. Muscles are able to intercept more: "less physcial load is arriving in the joints": progressing arthrodial changes (wear and tear on the joints) can be slowed down
back pains, postural defects and imbalance between muscle groups [muscular imbalance] can be improved.
increased brain activity, release of happiness hormones produced naturally in the body (endorphines), maintaining and activating carriers of substance (as e.g. dopamine) which have crucial effects on the mind.