Bellows =Lung
Struts and airtight material ("chambers") = Airways (pipes) and air sacs
Navigable and mobile apparatus
A flexible framework (power transmission) and
= Respiratory pump
The bony ribcage (power transmission) and
Someone who works to move the bellows (engine)and navigates it (navigation centre) = Respiratory muscles (navigated by the respiratory centre in the brain via nerves) on the rib cage and on the diaphragm

Put simply, breathing [Ventilation] means air streaming into your lungs followed by air streaming out of your lungs.

Did you know?

Not only the lungs, as might be assumed at first, play an important role in the breathing process. For the result of breathing ("How many litres of air can I breathe?"); equivalent to "How fast can I walk with it?", lungs and respiratory pump need to work together perfectly.
The progress of the disease COPD in the organ lung can only be influenced minimally. In contrast to this the respiratory muscles can be trained very well!
This is done by respiratory muscle training.