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The diagnosis of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) by a pulmonary specialist changes a lot in an affected person's life. Particularly, a patient's physical exercise capacity decreases markedly in the course of the disease. Together with the consistent elimination of the causes and the application of drug therapy to ensure optimal control of the disease, physical training on a regular basis plays an important role in the improvement of exercise capacity.

Physical training leads to reduced breathlessness and increased exercise capacity. It makes it easier to cope with routine activities of daily living like climbing a flight of stairs, shopping for groceries or job-related stress. The participation in leisure activities is re-enabled and social integration gets easier. In short, the quality of life improves.

What exactly is COPD? How do the respiratory organs and the cardiovascular system function? What kind of therapeutic and exercise options are available in the treatment of COPD? This book deals with all these and answers many other questions about COPD. "Training in COPD" also discusses physical training methods and other techniques, which help alleviate the condition as well as improve quality of life of the patient. The book addresses patients, their relatives and other interested persons.

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After around 4,500 books have been sold since 2012, there will be no more print runs. I would like to thank everyone who supported me during this time to self-publish this book.

Hofheim in July 2023
Dr. Oliver Göhl

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Training in COPD - a practical guide to promoting self-help
by Dr. Oliver Göhl

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