Cough Techniques
Sit up right: this enables a better start position for your cough muscles which need to contract abruptly. Furthermore, there is more air available to drag along the mucus when coughing.
Techniques if you have been coughing for many years

Technique if you have been coughing for many years: technique 1

Cough Techniques
  1. Cross your lower arms infront of your belly and press them
  2. Firmly to your body (like a corsage).
  3. Straighten up
  4. Support the "corsage function"by increasing the pressure on your abdominal wall
Technique if you have been coughing for many years: technique 2
Cough Techniques
  1. Cross one fore arm infront of your belly, the other arm rests on your breast bone.
  2. During the expulsion phase support the corsage function of your abdominal muscles with your "belly hand", support
  3. Exhalation with your "breast bone arm" and pull the breast bone towards your navel.
Cough Techniques
  1. Coughing for years and the strain that develops everytime wears out the cough muscles. They become insufficient and are less capable of sufficiently supporting a cough. An indicator of insufficient cough muscles can be e.g. a bulging belly during coughing.
Cough Techniques

If the cough muscles are in a relatively good condition one can use the technique of belly support:
During the expulsion phase

  1. intentionally tense your belly and
  2. support this tension by actively pressing on your belly with your hand.
Inadequate cough muscles:
Protrusion of the abdomen during cough
"Belly support"
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Cough Techniques
Coughing with urinary incontinence
Cough Techniques
  1. Persistent coughing for many years can cause urinary incontinence. Urination is facilitated by a wrong body posture. It might help to twist your body dur-ing the expulsion phase. The "exit downwards" is "twisted off"and urination is aggravated.